Curiosity: 4

squat toilet thai

Thai people dont sweat or smell, only farang (foreigners) do. Although they go to do number 2 plenty of times during the day, and if they are using a western toilet, youll often see them taking a chair with them…to, well, to use it as a “squat platform”

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Curiosity: 3

Thai monks, are not the same as the ones you think. Yes, they are dressed in bright orange and have sandals. But you will often see them with mobile phones, buying IPads or the latest computer. Even, in a couple of occasions you might see them playing on the PSP…..

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Curiosity: 2

One thing that is really annoying is going out at night, and in all bars pubs, whorehouses, gogo bars & including in full blast techno dance floor discos a huge screen broadcasting a match of football…..

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Fact: 5

TrafficOut of 10 cars in Bangkok: ( there are around 6 million of them in the city)

5 will be taxis

3 pick up trucks

1 normal car

1 long truck

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Curiosities: 1

jamIn Bangkok, there are around 12 million people and around 6 million cars excluding motorbikes. The traffic jams are sometimes massive in every direction, taking on even 4 lane roads.

At around 4pm the traffic begins to intensify. And by 6 is madness.

If you are taking a taxi home, be patient, very patient.

Thankfully the fares are cheap.

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Fact: 4

When you order an orange juice it will not be orange juice. It will be what they consider to be orange: a mandarine…. And it will not be sweet either. Will be as bitter as a lemon juice.

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Saying ” don qua” and “don quai” doesnt have the same meaning. On one you are saying ” go forward” in the other you are saying “go dickhead”

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On the BTS ( skytrain ) in a wagon you can find that: A 1% are  ladyboys, 4% are lesbians, 3% gays, 32% are men, 5% farang, and 55% women of diverse ages. Whereas in the MRT ( metro)  you can find: A 4% of ladyboys, 12% of lesbians, 5% of gays, 21% thai men, 3% farangs and a 55% again, of women.

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Any Thai folk song starts the same way of a combination of Aerosmith & Dire straits songs.

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Facts and Curiosity’s of the life in Thailand

Hello ‘world’;

I am an expat living in Bangkok for a few months now. And aiming for a few years hopefully. This blog just will inform you of any curiosity’s & fact’s that i have founded or find in the daily life of this unexpected and beautiful country called Thailand.

Hope you enjoy them, or you find them in any way useful.

My best regards.

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